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CS-UJ Seminar on "Analytic Information and Learning Theory"

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NSF Science and Technology Centers Directors Meeting

North American School of Information Theory, August 16-19, 2022, UC-Los Angeles


Quantum Algorithms, Information, and Learning Workshop

Science of Information Seminar: Secure Non-interactive Simulation by Hemanta K. Maji

Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference 2022

CSoI-UJ Joint Weekly Seminar Series: Dynamic Networks, Machine Learning, AI for Classical and Quantum Data

Purdue Fall Undergraduate Research Expo 2021

Data Science Bootcamps

NSF Science and Technology Centers Directors Meeting

Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Science Virtual Summer School

Formal verification of Move programs for the Libra blockchain: CERIAS Seminar Series

Educating the Next Generation on the Challenges of Securing Critical Infrastructure

Information Theory Summer School 2021

Understanding the Human Hacker with Dr. Ida Ngambeki: CERIAS Summer Seminar Series

Channels Scholar Seminar: Creating a Prototype Visualization Tool for Analyzing Pre-pubescent Lupus Data

Seminar: New tensor algebra for learning on dynamic graphs

IMPACT Data Science Education Forum

Team Science Seminar: Student Digital Opportunity and Cost Barriers

Info-Metrics Workshop: Recent Advances in Info-Metrics Research

CSoI Seminar: Prediction and Learning by Changlong Wu

Coded Bias Film Viewing

Channels Scholar Seminar: Natalie McGuckin

Broader Impacts 101 Webinar by ARIS

Stanford Compression Workshop 2021

Prestige Lecture 2021: Alexander Gray VP of AI at IBM presents "Logical Neural Networks"

Science of Information Seminar: P4-free Partition and Cover Numbers

Beyond IID in Information Theory 8

Seminar: Distance Encoding

Seminar: The Power of Pivoting for Exact Clique Counting

Seminar: Information Flow and Representation in Neural Circuits

CSoI Seminar: Information Flow and Representation in Neural Circuits

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder of "Black Lives Matters Global Network"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: "Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Benjamin Crump, "Black America's Attorney General"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Ibram X. Kendi, "How to be an Anti-Racist"

2020 STC Directors Meeting

CSoI Big Data Workshop 2013

Dr. Kendall Roark: Countermapping surveillance and 'studying up'

Information Theory Workshop 2021

Ben Schumacher - What is Information? Insights from Quantum Physics

Sergio Verd\xfa - Information Theory Today

Prestige Lecture Series: The Logic of Biological Networks

Nicholas Yannelis - Contracts Under Asymmetric Information

Andrew Barron - The Interplay of Information Theory, Probability and Statistics

Madhu Sudan - Towards Universal Semantic Communication

Marcelo Weinberger - Information Theory in an Industrial Lab

Thomas Cover - The Natural Mathematics Arising in Information Theory and Investment

PR Kumar - Temporal Guarantees over Wireless Networks

Natasha Devroye - Fundamental Limits of Cognitive Networks

Brigitte Vallee - Information Theory: Models, Algorithms, Analysis

Alon Orlitsky - Foreseeing the Unseen: Probability Estimation over Large Alphabets

CSoI Executive Committee Meetings

CSoI STC-wide workshop

Revisiting Landuer's Principle

All-Hands Meeting to Launch CSoI

Nonparametric Bayesian Matrix Factorization

Towards Understanding Mechanisms in Metabolic Phenomena Using Information Theory

An Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory

Committee on Education and Diversity

Challenges in the Biology Front or How the Theory of Information Can Save Lives

A Machine Learning Approach for Information Retrieval Applications

Compression of Graphical Structures

Tea at the STC - Information Research Discussions Among Graduate Students

Tea at the STC - What is Information Theory

Opportunistic Workshop

The Basics of Game Theory

Privacy Metrics: Meaningful Measurements of Information Disclosure

Quantum Processes, Systems, and Information

Processing Information Without Learning It

Opportunistic Workshop

Modeling Human Cognition

Optimal and almost optimal variable-to-fixed length codes: renewal theory and divide-and-conquer recurrences

Why Should We Avoid Rome?

Introduction to Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems

Quantum Information Theory

Industrial Partnership Roundtable

Industry Partners Workshop

Text Analytics: Technological Challenges and Business Opportunities

The Business of Science: The First Decade of Strand

Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of World War II

Algorithms for Sequence Analysis

Ananth Grama - Algorithms for Sequence Analysis

Modeling Complex Social Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Statistical Learning and Inference

Purdue Faculty Research Meeting

CSoI Executive Committee Meeting

Opportunistic Workshop

2011 Science of Information Summer School

Introduction to Modeling and Algorithms in Life Sciences

Network Graphing Lab

The Most Popular Node

Mark Daniel Ward's Labs 1-3

Shannon Legacy and Beyond

Privacy Metrics: Meaningful Measurements of Information Disclosure May 24th, 2011

Temporal Guarantees in Wireless Networking

Application of Statistical Methods to Decision Support in the Clinical Diagnostics Industry

Understanding How Information is Represented and Processed in Dynamic Interacting Networks of Neural Activity

Information and Cell Biology in Health and Disease

2011 School of Information Theory

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory 1

2011 Machine Learning Summer School

NSF Teleconference

2011 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

Opportunistic Research Meeting at ISIT in St. Petersburg, Russia

Algorithms, Combinatorics, Information, and Beyond

Executive Committee Meeting

HONR 399: Introduction to the Science of Information

Arpita Sen - Information Theory and Cell Biology: A Necessary Synergism for Battling Cancer and Genetic Diseases

2011 International Conference on Very Large Databases

External Advisory Committee Meeting

Dan Zhang - Document Clustering with Universum

Opportunistic Research Meeting

2011 NSF STC Director's Meeting

Yao Zhu - Learning the Building Blocks of Crystal Structures

Opportunistic Research Meeting

49th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

Colloquium in Visual Culture: Expressive Data

Shahin Mohammadi - Role of Synthetic Genetic Interactions in Understanding Functional Interactions Among Pathways

Timothy La Fond - Randomization Tests for Distinguishing Social Influence and Homophily Effects

Gahyun Park - A Generalization of Multiple Choice Balls-into-Bins

Luciano Floridi - The Philosophy of Information

Angik Sarkar - Information Processing with Spins and Magnets

Aurel A. Lazar - The Geometry of Time Encoding Machines

Yongwook Choi - Predicting the Functional Effects of Protein Sequence Variations

Min Huang - Secret Sharing with Synthetic Steganography

2011 NSF Site Visit

Winter Faculty Training Workshop: Teaching CS1 with Processing

Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Joachim M. Buhmann - Context Sensitive Information: Model Validation by Information Theory

2012 Diversity Engineering Forum - Purdue University

2012 Growing Leaders Conference - Purdue University

CSoI Executive Committee Meeting

Pulkit Grover - Communication and Control through an Information-scientific Lens

2nd CSoI Student Leadership Council Meeting

Amos Golan - Info-Metrics: Theory and Examples

SACNAS Academic Workshop: Maintaining your Cultural Identity in Academia

Todd Coleman - CSoI Workshop Focused on Neuroscience

Shumiao Wang - Privacy Preserving Range Query over Encrypted Data

The Fine Art and Science of Polynomiography

2012 CHE-IT Research Meeting

CSoI Executive Committee Meeting

Deven Desai - An Information Approach to Trademarks

2012 STC Grand Challenge Workshop

Jerzy Konorski - MAC-Layer Selfish Behavior and Bayesian Games in Wireless Local Networks

2012 Info-Metrics Institute Spring Conference

2012 CS Corporate Partners Meeting

Joseph F. Traub - Algorithms and Complexity for Quantum Computing

Leroy Hood - Systems Biology Approaches to Biology and Disease and the Emergence of Proactive P4 Medicine

2012 Computational Science & Engineering Student Conference

Ananth Grama - Role of Synthetic Genetic Interactions in Understanding Functional Interactions Among Pathways

Security: Computing in an Adversarial Environment

2012 Purdue CS Distinguished Alumnus Talk & Reception

Electrical & Computer Engineering Day at Howard University

Della Pietra Lectures with Dr. William Bialek at Stony Brook University

fMRI-enabled mind-reading event, with Jack Gallant & Nita Farahany

Nima Soltani - Constrained directed information estimation for improved neural connectivity inference

2012 Communication Theory Workshop

2012 CSoI Opportunistic Workshop

2012 Science of Information Summer School

CSoI External Advisory Committee - Stanford University

2012 North American School of Information Theory (IT Summer School)

CSoI Executive Committee Meeting

Opportunistic Research Workshop - MIT

ISIT 2012 in Cambridge, MA

Computation and Biology Explored

2012 Student Research Workshop

Thomas Courtade - Lossy Compression for BigData: A First Step

2012 NSF STC Director's Meeting

Thomas Courtade: Lossy Compression for BigData: A First Step

Ning Xie - Local Computation Algorithms

50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

Elena Grigoresce - List Decoding Barnes-Wall Lattices

Srikanth Sastry - Asynchronous Failure Detectors

Bryn Mawr Departments Present Free Screening of Biopic of Alan Turing at Bryn Mawr Film Institute

2012 SACNAS National Conference: Science, Technology, and Diversity for a Healthy World

Tomasz Imielinski - Data Mining - Association Rules: Twenty Years and Beyond

Bryn Mawr to host AALAC/Mellon 23 Working Group on Information

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Douglas Comer, Purdue University

Emery Brown - A Look at the Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Karl Wimmer, Duquense University

Rotem Oshman - Data Aggregation in Wireless Networks

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Arnab Bhattacharyya, DIMACS

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Madhur Tulsiani, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

NIPS 2012 Conference - Lake Tahoe (Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation)

Grad Student/Post Doc Research Workshop

Rui Ma - Neuroscience Tutorial for Information Theorists

2012 NSF Site Visit and All Hands Meeting

David Tse - Optimal Whole Genome Shotgun Assembly: From Simple Models to Complex Data

2012 Research Poster Session

Tsachy Weissman - Fundamental Limits and Algorithms for Some Modern Data Processing Problems

Shang Shang - An Upper Bound on the Convergence Time for Quantized Consensus

NSF CISE Distinguished Lecture: PR Kumar - The Challenges of Cyberphysical Systems

CSoI Executive Committee Meeting

2013 Information Theory and Applications Workshop

Mohan Gopaladesikan - Building Random Trees from Blocks

Abram Magner - Asymptotic Asymmetry of Uniform Attachment Graphs

Behrang Asadi - Network Reconstruction of Dynamic Biological Systems: Doubly Penalized LASSO

CSoI Big Data Workshop

Nancy Lynch - Distributed Computing Theory for Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems

Shankar Subramaniam - Engineering: the sine qua non for Systems Biology and Medicine

Farzaneh Farhangmehr - Information-theoretic Approaches for Biological Networks Reconstruction

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Shiang-Jia Huang, Purdue University

CS Theory/Math Seminar, Saugata Basu, Purdue University

Info-Metrics Institute Workshop: Philosophy of Information

Executive Committee Meeting

Madars Virza - Two Problems in Integrity Verification

2013 Science of Information Summer School

Teaching a Science of Information Course

ISIT 2013 - IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

Suprio Datta - Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (Parts I and II)

2013 STC Directors Meeting

New Course: Measuring Uncertainty with Science of Information

Executive Committee Meeting

CSoI / Bell Labs Research Workshop - Princeton

Christine Task - Defining Differential Privacy for Social Network Analysis

CSoI Industry Research Workshop/Advisory Meeting

External Advisory Committee Meeting

2013 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

51st Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

Midwest Science of Information Student Research Meeting

Xiao (Grace) Yang - Large Alphabet Compression and Predictive Distributions through Poissonization and Tilting

Education and diversity of CSoI

CSoI's William Bialek to speak on the evenings of October 28 and October 30 at Indiana University

UC Berkeley / Stanford - New Directions in the Science of Information

Arpita Sen - Physiological Functions of Glutamine (Q)-Rich Regions present in Yeast Endocytic Adaptors

Gender Summit 3 - North America

Truth Values: One Girl's Romp Through M.I.T.'s Male Math Maze

Info-Metrics Conference: Information, Instability,and Fragility in Networks

Online Course Introduction to Science of Information

2013 NSF Site Visit and All-Hands Meeting

Information Theory and Applications Workshop

CSoI Reception and Research Presentation at ITA Workshop, San Diego

Science of Information Day - Howard University

CSoI and the Department of Computer Science at Bryn Mawr College are co-sponsoring "The Web at 25: Lessons Learned, Forgotten, and Rediscovered"

48th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS)

Todd Coleman - Advancing Wearable Health with Smart Skin Sensors & Cloud Analytics

Texas A&M Science of Information Days

David Wolpert - Information Geometry of Influence Diagrams and Noncooperative Games

UIUC/Purdue Science of Information Day

Stephen Mussman & John Moore - Assortativity in Generative Graph Models

Charles River Science of Information Day - MIT

Wojciech Szpankowski Structural Information talk

Bryn Mawr College Science of Information Undergraduate Research Day & Picnic

Andrea Goldsmith gives plenary talk at ISIT 2014

CSoI sponsors The Seventh Workshop on Information Theoretic Methods in Science and Engineering

Science of Information for Biological Data - Student Workshop

Bell Labs Prize Application Deadline

Second Women's Workshop on Communications and Signal Processing

2014 CSoI Summer School

Challenges and Opportunities for the Science of Information - A Symposium

Faculty Teaching Workshop

CSoI External Advisory Committee

2014 STC Directors Meeting

Wojtek Szpankowski to deliver Helsinki Distinguished Lecture on Future Information Technology

2014 Dawn or Doom - The New Technology Explosion

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research (PFI:AIR)

Marianne Catanho - Modeling of Gene Expression: Dynamic and Stochastic Views

Sexual Harassment and Barriers to Advancement: What Has Changed Since the 1990s?

Recent Innovations in Info-Metrics - American University Info-Metrics Institute

Corey Schimpf - Women and Minorities in the Computing Fields: Precollege and College Years

Mohan Gopaladesikan - On the Occurrences of Motifs in Recursive Trees with Applications to Random Structures

Quantum Information: a scientific and technological revolution for the 21st century, Nobel Prize Winner William Phillips

2014 NSF Site Visit

Deepak Kumar - Computer Science in Education

CSoI's Todd Coleman, Gilbreth Lecturer

Frank DeVilbiss - Extracting Complex Trends in Gene Expression from Metabolite Data - A Cybernetic Approach

Minji Kim - HyDRA: Gene Prioritization via Hybrid Distance-Score Rank Aggregation

Jonathan Ponniah - A Clean Slate Approach to Secure Wireless Protocol Design

Information Theory, Learning and Big Data Workshop

NIMBioS Investigative Workshop Information and Entropy

Kayal Madhivanan and Swetha Ramadesikan - Quantitative Analysis of Biological Data

Nonparametric Kernel Methods for Practitioners across the Sciences

Interdisciplinary Applications of Microeconometrics

Thesis Defense - Kayal Madhivanan

Learning Hub: Mathematical Theory of Communication Course

Learning Hub: Probability Theory Course

Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2015

Science of Information for Life Sciences Data 2013 Student and Postdoc Workshop

2015 NSF STC Professional Development Workshop

2015 Summer School: 8th Annual North American School of Information Theory NASIT

Diego Mesa - Introduction to IPython Workshop

3rd Workshop on Biological Distributed Algorithms (BDA) 2015

Scientific Computing with IPython Workshop

2015 STC Directors Meeting

Idoia Ochoa - An Overview of Genomic Data Compression

Science of Information Day - Princeton University

Rebecca Barter - Assessing The Fit of a 'Big Data' Model: The Clustered Residual Plot

Arden L. Bement Jr. Distinguished Lecture

Jia Tao and Leqi Liu - Shared Genetic Architecture In Autoimmune Disease - A Preliminary Analysis

2015 NSF Site Visit

Maurina L. Aranda - Building Capacity to Use Science for Sovereignty in Native Coastal Communities

2016 ITA Workshop - San Diego

Science of Information Day and Compression Forum - Stanford University

Mainak Chowdhury - The Intersection of Science of Information and Clinical Care for Cancer and Rare Diseases

Bin Yu to speak at The Alan Turing Institute

Startup: the good, the bad and the awesome

McKeith Pearson and Felix Sanchez-Francisco - Quantitative Analysis of Yeast Cell Morphology Defects Induced by Gene De-Regulation

Information-Theoretic Methods of Inference - Workshop

Emergent Character of the Laws of Nature and Hierarchical Structure of Science

Patter Classification Techniques and their Biometric and Biomedical Applications

Mira Radeva - Ant Colonies and Robust Algorithms

First Shannon Conference on the Future of the Information Age

Austin Benson - Spacey Random Walk : a Stochastic Process for Higher-order Data

Teemu Roos, University of Helsinki - Directed acyclic graphs as a model for biological and cultural evolution

CSoI Multidisciplinary Research & Data Science Workshop for Students & PostDocs

CSoI Intro to Data Analysis Undergraduate Workshop

2016 Summer School

CSoI/North American School of Information Theory

MMDS 2016: Workshop on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets

4th Annual Biological Distributed Algorithms Workshop, BDA 2016.

Michael Luby - A Mathematical Theory of Distributed Storage

CSoI / External Advisory Committee Meeting

2016 NSF STC Professional Development Workshop

Probability: Basic Concepts & Discrete Random Variables

2016 NSF Director's Meeting

Maryam Hosseini - Lossy Compression of Memoryless Sources

The Discovery Park Open House and Convergence Conference

Michael Honig - Dynamics of Macro-economic Credit Expansions and Contractions

2016 NSF Site Visit

Probability: Distribution Models & Continuous Random Variables

Nick Alcine & Maalik Hornbuckle - Designing and Securing a Weather Station to Increase Crop Production in Cameroon

Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Data Scientists are Key

2017 Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Workshop

Christine Kuang - Topic-Sentiment Model with Document-Level Covariates

Center participates in developing first FutureLearn courses in U.S.

Prediction of Cannabis Use Disorder Severity from Genetic and Behavioral Data

Victoria Kostina - Information-theoretic tradeoffs in control

Channels Scholars REU Informational

Idoia Ochoa - Genomic data compression, processing, and analysis

Lynne Dahmen - Research, Grants, and the Career Trajectory

Adam Wierman - Platforms & Networked Markets: Transparency & Market Power

Introduction to R for Data Science

Introduction to Data Science Workshop

Building a Quantum Computer 101, Michael Freedman

Information Theory Summer School with IEEE IT Society

Marek Zaionc - Asymptotic Densities in Logic and Computability

Analysis of Algorithms (AofA) 2017 Princeton

Introduction to R for Data Science (August 2017)

2017 NSF STC Professional Development Workshop

Michelle Effros - On Capacity and the Value of Communication

Joyce Whang - Scalable Data-driven PageRank and Non-exhaustive, Overlapping Co-clustering

Nicolas Garcia Trillos - Variational problems on geometric graphs and their continuum limits

Abram Magner - Symmetry, Temporal Information, and Succinct Representation of Random Graph Structures

Michael Saunders - Some snapshots of numerical linear algebra and optimization

Joseph Tien - Disease spread on networks: integrating structure and dynamics through a generalized inverse

Gulriz Kurban - Ligand-based Pharmacophore Mapping for Human CC-Chemokine Receptor 4 (CCR4) Allosteric Antagonists

Pablo Robles - PhD Thesis Presentation

Manuel Gomez Rodriguez - On information reliability, source trustworthiness and fake news

Austin Benson - Higher-order clustering coefficients

Fourth Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium

Hajir Roozbehani - Alpha-beta limits of good error-correcting codes

2017 Rising Stars in EECS: An Academic Career Workshop for Women

Anil Damle - Robust and efficient multi-way spectral clustering

Erin Carson - High performance Krylov subspace method variants and their behavior in finite precision

Pablo Robles - Hierarchical Generative Models for Sparse Network Sampling

Amos Golan - Data Confessions with Minimal Torture: The Info-Metrics Way

Knuth80: Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Information

Lina Aboulmouna - Empowering our youth: STEM outreach initiatives for computer science integration into K-12 classrooms

Introduction to R for Data Science (February 2018)

Probability 416.2x: Distribution Models & Continuous Random Variables (Feb 2018)

Probability 416.1x: Basic Concepts & Discrete Random Variables (Feb 2018)

Lida Ahmadi - Asymptotic Results on the Average Subword Complexity

Visual Trumpery: How to fight against fake data and visualizations - from the left and from the right

Department of Computer Science to host Women in Data Science conference

Data Science Fundamentals, Methods and Algorithms Workshop

Irena Fischer-Hwang - Denoising of Aligned Genomic Data

Remco van der Hofstad - The Structure of Complex Networks: Scale-Free and Small-World Random Graphs

Yanina Shkel - Conversation Dynamics of Language Code Switching

2018 Summer School for CSoI Graduate Students and Postdocs - North American School of Information Theory

Workshop: Introduction to Data Science & Interdisciplinary Research Teams

2018 NSF STC Professional Development Workshop

2018 External Advisory Committee Meeting

Negar Kiyavash - Network Inference: from Passive to Active Learning

2018 NSF STC Director's Meeting

Bits and Biology

Development of algorithms for the automated quantification of biological imaging data

Introduction to R for Data Science (September 2018)

56th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

Safiya Noble - Algorithms of Oppression

Sebastian Wild - Succinct Data Structures For Range Minimum Problems

From Communication to Information Processing: An information Theoretic Perspective

2019 Information Theory and Applications Workshop

Automating Inequality: How High Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor

Stanford Compression Forum 2019: Compression, Information and Learning

Data Science and Digital Agriculture Seminar Series

Join the Introduction to R for Data Science online course

Women in Data Science

Join us on April 8, 2019for our Prestige Lecture Series "Quantum Information Science Day"

2019 European School of Information Theory

Critical Data Viz Workshop: An introduction to the ethics and practice of data visualization

North American School of Information Theory

12th North American School of Information Theory

2019 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory

2019 NSF STC Professional Development Workshop

NSF Science and Technology Centers Annual Conference

Measuring Resilience of Secure Computation (a.k.a. Common Information for Secure Computation)

Gil Shamir from Google AI - Industrial Lecture Series

Introduction to R for Data Science - 2019

Faithful Simulation of Distributed Quantum Measurements with Applications in Distributed Quantum Computing

CSoI Seminar - Memory Hard Functions, Random Oracles, Graph Pebbling and Extractor Arguments

CSoI Seminar - Deep generative network-based nanophotonic device optimization

CSoI Seminar - A Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Joint Multi-Agent Decision Making

Data Science Industry Summit

Prestige Lecture Series 2019 - A Modern Theory of the Immune System

CSoI Seminar - Geometry from Information Laws

Data Privacy Day - "The Great Hack:" A Response and Discussion

From Local to Global Information Research Workshop

Spring 2020 Critical Data Studies Distinguished Lecture

Women in Data Science Purdue University Conference

Science of Information Spring 2020 Seminar Series - Join Us Online

Feature Selection for Supervised Binary Classification - Science of Information Spring 2020 Online Seminar Series

Using big data to address forest responses to climate change - Science of Information Spring 2020 Online Seminar Series

Data Science Methods for Cross-National Exploration of Secondary Math Teacher Preparation - Science of Information Spring 2020 Online Seminar Series

Cybernetic Modeling of the Eicosanoid Pathway in the Macrophage Cells - Science of Information Spring 2020 Online Seminar Series

Summer College for High School Students - Data Science and STEM

2020 Summer School - IEEE North American School of Information Theory - This event is being rescheduled for the summer of 2021

2020 STC Directors Meeting

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Ibram X. Kendi, "How to be an Anti-Racist"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Benjamin Crump, "Black America's Attorney General"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: "Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion"

Pursuing Racial Justice Together: Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder of "Black Lives Matters Global Network"