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  • Why Should We Avoid Rome?

  • Wednesday, March 09, 2011
    LWSN 3102A
    Purdue University

    We will talk about a formal model of geographic routing which allows us to measure the quality of different routing strategies in the dense ad hoc networks.
    We will discuss only the case when the nodes are located uniformly in a unit disk, but the discussed methods can be generalized to other figures. We will consider the greedy geographic routing strategy (GGS), where the transmission path between two points the interval that join them and some other variants of geographic strategies, where more elaborated paths are used.

    We will introduce the notion of the intersection density and the energy consumption of a strategy. We show a lower bound on the maximum of the intersection density and we calculate the intersections densities for several routing strategies.

    Bio:Dr. Jacek Cichon is professor of Mathematics and of Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology. He has published over 50 papers and 3 books in the areas of:

    Mathematics: Set Theory, Measure Theory, Topology

    Computer Science: analysis of algorithms, distributed programming