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  • Challenges in the Biology Front or How the Theory of Information Can Save Lives

  • Monday, November 01, 2010 1:00 AM
    Purdue University

    Relying on examples from my own and other labs, I will discuss the challenges that modern biology faces today. Extraordinary technological advances in the field of biology impose an overwhelming pace of data production. Information needs to be extracted almost immediately as results are produced otherwise it is likely to be buried under piles of new results. It is now evident that biology will collapse without a good "biology-friendly" theory of information.

    Information analysis and applications revolutionized the field of cell biology in the past, not just by providing sophisticated tools, but by generating new ideas that prompted new directions of research. My laboratory is particularly interested in the biology of cancer and genetic diseases and we are convinced that further advance in this field will only be possible with the development of more powerful imaging and information content analysis applications. Specifically, our biomedical research requires methods and tools for the detection of abnormal patterns during disease development for diagnostic purposes.