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  • Bryn Mawr College Science of Information Undergraduate Research Day & Picnic

  • Friday, May 02, 2014
    Park Science Building 338
    Bryn Mawr College

    We will have Senior Theses presentations, followed by lightning talks by Undergraduate Fellows. Schedule follows:

    Senior Theses Presentations:

    • Daisy Sheng - An Empirical Evaluation of Kinetic Data Structure on Android Devices
    • Rachel Li - Natural Image Processing with Persistent Homology via Barcode
    • Xinan (Jacy) Li - Augmented Reality Book Information Retrieval
    • Dan Barton- Using Case-Based Reasoning to Improve Real-Time Strategy Game AI
    • Natalie G. Kato - Link Prediction of Twitter Dataset Using Graph Theory

    Followed by lightning presentations from CSoI Fellows:

    • Angie Chen - Ok Glass, Show Me What You Can Do : Google Glass as a new modality of building computer software
    • Hannah Organick - Investigation into Integrated Text and Web Based Apps
    • Yijun Zhou - Predicting Chemical Reactions with Manifold Learning

    Concluded with the CS picnic (Park courtyard) to celebrate the end of the year!