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  • CSoI Seminar - Geometry from Information Laws

  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019
    HAAS 111
    Purdue University

    Speaker: Nima Lashkari

    Abstract: Quantuminformationtheory brings to physics a novel approach to the study of strongly-coupled many-body systems based on non-classical correlations known as entanglement. I focus on the connection between quantuminformationtheory, quantum field theory, and holography. Thelawsofinformationtheory imply physicallawsand constraints that hold universally in these systems.

    I discuss a measure of distinguishability of states called quantum relative entropy. In holography, I use theinformation-theoretic properties of relative entropy to derive Einstein's equation and energy conditions for matter fields coupled to thegeometry. In relativistic field theories, I use the properties of relative entropy to constraint correlation functions.