Lessons Learned

Broader impacts shared with the STEM community

Lessons Learned Shared by the Education and Diversity Program

Brent T. Ladd, CSoI Director of Education and Robert Brown, CSoI Managing Director presenting at the National Alliance for Broader Impacts(NABI) Summit 2019 conference.

Key Lessons Learned

  1. Focus on what will make the program a catalyst while providing unique desirable skills and knowledge.
  2. Create multiple pathways for interdisciplinary training, exchange, learning, team research and applications.
  3. Focus Center as a catalyst and the hub for the wider student and professional community in our emerging science by supporting and coordinating new and useful curriculum.
  4. Commit to being inclusive and relevant to the entire community (domain areas + full spectrum of participants) by integrating a valued understanding of diversity in all trainings and opportunities.

  5. Fully integrate diversity into everything we do.
  6. Full commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  7. Provide a platform to spotlight.
  8. Broadly value diversity.

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