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CSoI Student Team Co-Presents Results at NERA

The D2IE student-led research team that participates in the CSoI Interdisciplinary Student Research Collaboratory recently presented results from their project investigating the digital divide at the Northeastern Educational Research Association's 52nd annual conference.

The team's co-authored paper titled "Visualization of the Digital Divide Among K-12 Students: Open Data, Quantitative Measures, and Policy Implications" presents several important dimensions of the digital divide phenomenon for K-12 schools and rural communities. 

Lead author Cary K. Jim, Ph.D. candidate at UNT, said, "Our work utilized a multi-disciplinary approach to assess the digital divide among K-12 students through socio-technical and economic analysis. Results show that access to high-speed internet (broadband) and use continues to be a challenge for children and schools located in disadvantaged communities. Three visualizations were developed to display the digital disparity at the county level across our country and to support decision-making in resource allocation to improve broadband access and utilization."

Co-authors include Alison Grant, Ph.D. candidate at Purdue, and CSoI education director, Brent Ladd.    

You can access a draft of the team's paper here.