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  • Team Genetics Analysis of Substance Abuse

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    Identification of pathology-related single nucleotide polymorphisms in a heterogeneous substance-abusing population

    This team brings together an information theorist with a neuroscientist, and a postdoc with both CS and neuroscience background. The team is working to elucidate genetic influences on the pathologies and pathways of substance abuse. Heretofore, the genomic data (GWAS) has not been mined for these potential associations. The team is developing appropriate machine learning methods to mine and analyze this data in order to predict association of SNP\u2019s with psychopathology. This team has been active from September 1, 2016 to Current.

    Vitural Brown Bag Seminar, March 16, 2017 "Prediction of Cannabis Use Disorder Severity from Genetic and Behavioral Data"