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  • Beyond Shannon...legacy by Antonio Manzalini

  • Posted in Articles : Monday, March 26, 2012

    Information permeates everything: from electrochemical information exchanged in networks of neurons, to biological information stored, and processed in living cells, to business information, etc.

    Our current understanding of information communication is still based on Claude Shannon\u2019s seminal work in 1948 resulting in a general mathematical theory for reliable communication in the presence of noise.

    Claude Shannon

    Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., wrote in "The Great Challenges for Half Century Old Computer Science": "Shannon performed an inestimable service by giving us a definition of Information and a metric for Information as communicated from place to place. We have no theory however that gives us a metric for the Information embodied in structure..."

    Traditional information theory considers the communication studying the capacity of channels connecting two endpoints. This approach should be enhance when considering wireless networks (e.g. for example see the posts on Edge Networks) where nodes which relay information in a multi-hop manner and time-varying topology.

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