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Legacy Outcomes: Information Frontiers Learning Initiative

Since its inception in 2010, the Center for Science of Information (CSoI) has designed and implemented an Information Frontiers Learning (IFL) Initiative focused on developmental training of a diverse next-generation science community while creating a science of information (SoI) curriculum for classroom and online learning. In considering sustained impacts beyond the upcoming post-NSF STC funded period of the Center, the program demonstrates a legacy of:

1. A diverse community of next-generation scientists that continues to collaborate and develop the emerging SoI field.
2. A SoI curriculum for all that offers fundamental and advanced knowledge and practices for current and future students.
3. Broader impacts through a set of best practices and lessons learned shared with the STEM community.

This white paper provides a descriptive background of our overall education and diversity program outcomes, and also serves as a companion paper to the visual presentation of the Center’s integrated education and diversity legacy available at .