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CSoI's Ladd presents conceptual framework for diverse graduate training at ARIS

CSoI's director of education, Brent Ladd, presented May 9th, 2022 in the NSF ARIS Summit (Advancing Research in Society), titled "Spectrum of Diversity Supporting Collective Value Creation within Large-Scale Research Projects." 


 This work presents a conceptual model for a student training ecosystem useful for large-scale research projects. The model integrates four dimensions with potential for interactions that create pathways for broader participation and learning outcomes leading to innovative problem solving and transformative science that eventually accrue collective value creation. The four dimensions of the model include: Individual Intersectionality, Large-Scale Project Structure, Team Science, and Emerging Domain. Based on data and observations from a ten-year national level NSF research center, a spectrum of diversity ranging from structural and systems to inclusive human diversity is integral to and supports the collective value creation that large-scale projects hope to attain. The proposed model provides a conceptual structure guiding development of broader participation and student training that can add measurable value, while also developing a Community of Practice that is diverse and inclusive.