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Reach Out Science Communication Student Workshops


CSoI students and postdocs: You have an opportunity to hone your science presentation and storytelling skills while earning stipends and prize money.  Workshops (online) will be held in the upcoming weeks in January and February.

All the information, rules, guidance, and workshop sign-up links are published here. Below is the official message from the Museum of Science, Boston (a member of one of our sister NFS STC centers based at Harvard):

You are invited to sign up and earn $50 for participating in a great pair of free 90-minute virtual science communication workshops taking place on different days and times over the next several weeks.  Both workshop sessions feature small 3-4 person breakout groups coached by skilled science communication experts from the Museum of Science, Boston.  


            Session 1: “Crafting an Engaging Science Story”

            Session 2: “Acing Your Virtual Presentation


All sessions include participants from a range of NSF Science and Technology Centers, so you get to try out your skills at communicating your science to people in other fields, and an opportunity to learn about their fields as well. 


It’s fun.  Pilot workshop participants reported, “The workshop was really great, the leaders were very professional, well-prepared, and had a lot of useful and engaging tips for improving science communication;” and “Working in very small subgroups with a coach helps a lot to feel comfortable while getting useful professional feedback.”


Plus, the workshops will help prepare you to enter, if you wish, the virtual 2021 spring Reach Out Science Slams.  Slam entries are 3-minutes long and can be from individuals or teams, and can include art, drama, graphics, and music.  Each eligible slam entry receives a $50 cash card stipend, with up to 18 of them earning $150-$400 in stipends for coaching and further development, and the opportunity to win $1000 Slam Finals cash card prizes, donated by the Museum of Science. 


All the information, rules, guidance, and workshop sign-up links are published here.   We look forward to meeting you online!


Cheers, from the Reach Out team at the Museum of Science, Boston

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Reach Out is supported by grant #1231319 from the National Science Foundation