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13th Annual Information Theory School a Success

The 2021 IEEE North American School of Information Theory was held virtually Monday, June 21 through Friday, June 25 2021, hosted by the University of British Columbia. Six senior researchers presented long-format tutorials. Professor David Tse (Stanford), a faculty member of CSoI, gave the Padovani lecture this year with his tutorial titled Speeding Up Bitcoin.

Fifty graduate students from across U.S. and Canada presented their research via virtual poster sessions. View the abstracts here. Winners of the top poster competition were:

  1. First prize: Debarnab Mitra, Concentrated Stopping Set Design for Coded Merkle Tree: Improving Security Against Data Availability Attacks in Blockchain Systems

  2. Second prize: Ning Zhang, Attributed Graph Alignment

  3. Third prize: Ecenaz Erdemir, Active Privacy-Utility Trade-Off Against a Hypothesis Testing Adversary

Access details, abstracts, slides, and future videos at the 13th annual NASIT site:


CSoI was a partner in the school, as we have been since 2012. The school provides graduate students with opportunities to:

  • Learn from senior lecturers in the field who will present long-format tutorials;

  • Participate in a stimulating and inviting forum of scientists;

  • Present their own work for feedback and potential collaboration;

  • Deepen their connections with the community.