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  • Quantitative Analyses of Cargo Trafficking Compartmental Integrity in Lowe Syndrome

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    Development of efficient therapeutic strategies against diseases requires a deep understanding of disease pathogenesis. Various modern biochemical and microscopic approaches are used for this purpose, enabling us to obtain vast amounts of data that could provide an abundance of information on physiological processes and diseases. However, biological data is complex in nature, often ridden with noise and accompanied by biological variability. This makes information harder to extract, interpret and analyze to obtain any relevant conclusions. The objective of this student-initiated team is to develop tools to extract and analyze quantitative biological information related to organelle content and localization of target proteins. In particular, we will focus on an organelle \u2013 the Golgi apparatus \u2013 and a target protein \u2013 OCRL1 \u2013 which is mutated in a developmental disorder called Lowe Syndrome. This project has been active from September 1, 2015 - current.

    A presentation of this project is avaliable here.