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  • Wojciech Szpankowski

  • Saul Rosen Professor of Computer Science
    Computer Science
    Purdue University

    Before coming to Purdue, W. Szpankowski was Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Gdansk, and in 1984 he was Assistant Professor at the McGill University, Montreal. During 1992/1993 he was Professeur Invit\xe9 at INRIA, Rocquencourt, France. His research interests cover analysis of algorithms, data compression, information theory, analytic combinatorics, random structures, networking, stability problems in distributed systems, modeling of computer systems and computer communication networks, queueing theory, and operations research. His recent work is devoted to the probabilistic analysis of algorithms on words, analytic information theory, and designing efficient multimedia data compression schemes based on approximate pattern matching. He is a recipient of the Humboldt Fellowship. He has been guest editors for special issues in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Theoretical Computer Science, Random Structures & Algorithms, and Algorithmica. He edited a special issue on \\"Analysis of Algorithms\\" in Algorithmica. He serves on the editorial boards of Theoretical Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, and book series Advances in the Theory of Computation and Computational Mathematics. Currently the Director for Center for Science of information.