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September 2014

Greetings CSoI Team,

Welcome to the September 2014 edition of the Monthly CSoI Highlights eBrief.  For the October edition, please submit information about recent grants, publications, job opportunities, awards, workshops, etc. to me (kiya@purdue.edu) no later than October 15th. Thanks!

CSoI Highlights' Headlines:

  1. NSF Site Visit – December 8-9, 2014. Purdue University
  2. CSoI partnering with American University’s Info-Metrics Institute’s Fall 2014 Conference: “Recent Innovations in Info-Metrics”, Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2014
  3. CSoI to host workshop at Simons Institute – “Information Theory, Learning and Big Data” – March 16 – March 20, 2015
  4. Report on the 4th Annual Science of Information Summer School
  5. Teaching Science of Information Workshop
  6. Information and Entropy Workshop
  7. Information Theory Course online
  8. Amin Emad received UIUC CompGen graduate fellowship
  9. New Additions to the Video Collection
  10. Read below for more details!

News / Announcements

  1. NSF Site Visit – December 8-9, 2014. Purdue University.
    This year's annual NSF site visit and Center annual meeting will be held on December 8 and 9, 2014. During the Site visit students will attend a student led research workshop and will participate in a luncheon with site-team members as well as a research poster session as part of the NSF Site visit. Students, please come prepared to participate in the poster session.

    All faculty and student participants are encouraged and welcome to attend. Strong partner representation from faculty and students is vital to a successful visit. The Site visit will begin at 8:00 a.m. on December 8th and will end by noon on December 9th. Registration information will be available soon. Questions should be addressed to Kiya Smith, kiya@purdue.edu.

  2. CSoI partnering with American University’s Info-Metrics Institute’s Fall 2014 Conference: “Recent Innovations in Info-Metrics,” Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2014.
    Information can be found at http://www.soihub.org/event.php?id=274. The overall objective of this two-day conference is to continue the study of the foundations of info-metrics and information processing across the sciences. The conference emphasizes the exploration into information-theoretic inference and their mathematical and philosophical foundations.

  3. CSoI to host workshop at Simons Institute – “Information Theory, Learning and Big Data” – March 16 – March 20, 2015. The three terms in the title of the workshop are three facets of the same basic question: what information can be gleaned from observed data? In information theory, especially in universal compression, observed data is used to better compress new information; in machine learning, observed data is applied to classify and predict new instances; and in big data, observed data helps with data mining and more general inferences about the domain. This workshop will bring together participants from these three communities to combine different techniques and apply them to problems in diverse applications areas. The techniques of interest include distribution modeling, sublinear sample learning, sparse recovery, and spectral methods in machine learning. Applications may include data compression, data security, natural language processing, advertising, data mining, bioinformatics and genomics, social networks, and finance. http://www.soihub.org/event.php?id=304

  4. Report on 4th Annual Science of Information Summer School
    Evaluations from the school show it was a successful event – especially in introducing the junction of information theory and neuroscience, and creating connections between students and faculty. Thank you to Todd Coleman and his lab for serving as the site host at UCSD this year. A brief report of the school outcomes is available, along with videos and slides of talks will be available soon on the Center’s Education school page: http://www.soihub.org/summer-school.php

  5. Teaching Science of Information Workshop
    Outcomes of the third annual Teaching Science of Information workshop involved 19 faculty, postdocs, and staff representing 17 institutions. Eleven of the attendees gave presentations on their efforts to develop and teach new courses and topic modules in coordination with Center, and two staff members from the Center provided updates and overviews the online “learning hub" to deliver content with integrated assessment and evaluation tools. http://www.soihub.org/course-workshop.php

  6. Information and Entropy Workshop - applications open
    NIMBioS (National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis) is hosting a workshop April 8-10, 2015 and has invited graduate students and postdocs from our Center to apply by November 12. Details and application are at the workshop website: http://www.nimbios.org/workshops/WS_entropy if you decide to apply please let Brent know at laddb@purdue.edu as he is in touch with the workshop organizers. You should mention in your application that you are a student or postdoc member of Center for Science of Information NSF Center. NIMBioS has travel funding available.

  7. Information Theory Course online
    Friend of the Center, Prof. Raymond W. Yeung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) is offering a free online course based on the first 11 chapters of his 2008 textbook: Information Theory and Network Coding, Springer 2008 https://www.coursera.org/course/informationtheory

  8. Amin Emad received UIUC CompGen graduate fellowship
    Amin Emad, a member of CSoI and a PhD candidate at UIUC, recently received one of the first UIUC CompGen (Computational Genomic) graduate fellowships. ComgGen is an NSF sponsored Major Instrumentation initiative aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research in bioinformatics. Along with Prof. Jian Ma from the Bioengineering department and his advisor, Prof. Olgica Milenkovic from the ECE Department, Amin will be developing new compression methods and algorithms for emerging genomic Big Data formats.

  9. New Additions to the Video Collection
    These videos (below) have been processed over the summer months. Additionally, videos are being captioned as well for increased accessibility. Videos published to the Science of Information YouTube Channel since May 29th, 2014. These are unlisted videos; they are not publicly available.

    2014 Summer School
    (more will be posted soon)

    Tamara Berdyyeva - Investigating Neuronal Mechanisms of Normal and Abnormal Behavior at the Neuronal Ensemble Level in Behaving Animals

    Ananth Grama - Computational Biology and Information

    Pulkit Grover - Analyzing Info-flows in Engineered and Neuronal Circuits using "Energetic Information Theory"

    Ayse Saygin – Cognitive Neuroscience

    2014 Student Research Workshop - Science of Information for Biological Data:

    Aranda and DeVilbiss - Quantitative Modeling for the Effect of a novel Anti-Tumor Agent in Vivo

    Kim, Hsieh, and Li - Identification of Putative Regulators of the Notch Signaling Pathway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL0IUaeTWYg

    Madhivanan and Zhang - Quantification Analysis of Endocytic Sites

    Pearson and Mandli - Automatic Classification of Cell Division Defects by Yeast with Epsin and yHIP1

    Ramadesikan and Venkat - Role of Ocrl1 in Golgi-Related Defects in Lowe Syndrome

    UIUC Science of Information Day:

    Steve Lumetta - Center on Computational Genomics

    Wen-mei W. Hwu - Application of Accelerators and Parallel Computing to Sequencing Data

    UC Berkeley Science of Information Day: New Directions in Science of Information

    Tsachy Weissman - Compression for Similarity Queries

    Bin Yu - Modeling Visual Cortex V4 in Naturalistic Conditions

    2013 North American School of Information Theory Poster Interviews

    Cintya Benedito - Hyperbolic Lattices Obtained from Arithmetic Fuchsian Groups via Hyperbolic Tessellations

    Pablo Robles - Incorprating Dependencies and Non-Stationarity into Kronecker Product Graph Models

    Minji Kim - Gene Prioritization via Rank Aggregation

    Dmitry Krotov - Morphogenesis at Criticality?

    Abram Magner - Investigating Symmetries of Uniform Attachment Graphs

    Alexandros Manolakos - Null Space Learning in Mimo Cooperative Cellular Networks

    Mikhail Tikhonov- Genetic Network Complexity: Weights Matter more than Topology

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