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CSoI eBrief February 2018
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February 2018

Greetings CSoI Team,

Welcome to the February 2018 edition of the Monthly CSoI Highlights eBrief.

CSoI Highlights' Headlines:

  • North American School of Information Theory, May 20-23, Texas A&M
  • Introduction to Data Science & Interdisciplinary Research Teams student workshop, May 21- 25, Purdue University
  • Science of Information Learning Hub
  • Frontiers of Science of Information: Shannon Meets Turing
  • David Tse selected to the National Academy of Engineering
  • Chuck Noll Foundation awards Pulkit Grover and team prestigious inaugural grant
  • Virtual Brown Bag Discussion, March 15th

CSoI Highlights

  • CSoI workshop for students and postdocs: Introduction to Data Science & Interdisciplinary Research Teams, May 21-25, Purdue University. Center students and postdocs have priority registration. The Center will reimburse for travel expenses to participate. Participants learn to use R for data analysis and visualization, along with team science experience working on active research projects from domains such as life sciences, engineering, and communications. Teams will have opportunity to submit funding proposals to continue their research collaborations. Details and registration are now open: https://www.soihub.org/news-and-events/calendar/workshop-introduction-to-data-science-interdisciplinary-research-teams/

  • North American School of Information Theory, May 20-23, hosted by Texas A&M University. CSoI is a partner in support of this excellent summer school, and will reimburse CSoI student members to participate (reimbursement for travel and double occupancy room registration rate)- contact Brent (laddb@purdue.edu) to qualify for reimbursement. Center faculty Olgica Milenkovic and Yury Polyanksiy will give tutorials this year. Details and registration are now open: https://shannon.engr.tamu.edu/

  • Check out the Science of Information Learning Hub offering over 1,000 video tutorials on foundational and advanced topics from our faculty, along with research presentations and interviews with students and postdocs: https://www.soihub.org/resources/learning-hub-main/

  • In this article, Frontiers of Science of Information: Shannon Meets Turing, Wojciech Szpankowski and Ananth Grama envision a Science of Information integrating key elements of Shannon and Turing postulates that form the basis and overarching framework for data science. https://www.soihub.org/resources/articles/frontiers-of-science-of-information-shannon-meets-turing/

  • Please join us for the Virtual Brown Bag discussion March 15th at 3:00 PM EDT. Irena Fischer-Hwang - Denoising of Aligned Genomic Data For more information please visit https://www.soihub.org/news-and-events/calendar/irena-fischer-hwang-denoising-of-aligned-genomic-data/

Awards & Recognition


  • Narula, N., Vasquez, W. and Virza, M. (2018). Privacy-preserving Auditing on Distributed Ledgers. Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation.

Student Opportunities

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