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August 2015

Greetings CSoI Team,

Welcome to the August 2015 edition of the Monthly CSoI Highlights eBrief. For the September 2015 edition, please submit information about recent grants, publications, job opportunities, awards, workshops, etc. to Kiya Smith (kiya@purdue.edu) no later than September 23. Thank you!

CSoI Highlights' Headlines:

  1. Annual Student Progress Reports
  2. CSoI Summer School
  3. The Scientific Computing with IPython Workshop
  4. Science of Information Life Sciences Data Workshop
  5. A call for Papers for a special issue of “Proceedings of IEEE”
  6. Princeton University Science of Information Day, September 25
  7. NSF site visit – December 8-9, 2015, at Purdue University

Read below for details on these items and more!

CSoI Highlights

  1. Annual Student Progress Reports: Graduate students and postdocs check your email for reminders to complete the annual progress report survey (from laddb@purdue.edu). The link within the email will direct you to the online survey. Deadline September 1 - please complete ASAP. This is important to our annual NSF reporting.

  2. 2015 Summer School: The Center co-supported and organized several sessions at the 8th Annual North American School of Information Theory held August 10-13 hosted at UC San Diego. Along with Center staff Bob Brown and Brent Ladd, the Center had a strong presence at the school with our students and postdocs sharing their research with the 105 attendees. Special sessions by the Center were well attended with Introduction to IPython Scientific Computing Environment led by Diego Mesa, PhD student with the Center and Coleman Neural Interaction Lab. This short workshop introduced the basic scientific python working environment including the interactive suite of IPython tools used for explaining and visualizing concepts and data. A Mentoring and Success Panel Discussion focused on the role mentoring has played in the successes of the Neural Interaction Lab directed by Todd Coleman, Center faculty member at UCSD. Photos from the school are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/calit2/albums/72157657453192421

  3. The Scientific Computing with IPython Workshop was attended by 42 graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at the University of Hawaii-Manoa (new Center Partner) August 25. Diego Mesa, PhD student of the Center at UCSD gave an excellent hands-on introduction to the power and applications of the IPython environment for understanding data, and its use in the classroom. Thank you to Prasad Santhanam and Tony Kuh for serving as local hosts for the workshop. Diego will be offering a tutorial on IPython again during our NSF site visit December 8 at Purdue University for attending students. A video-based tutorial is forthcoming and will be offered through the Center's Hub.

  4. Science of Information for Life Sciences Data Workshop involved students and postdocs throughout the Center and beyond form interdisciplinary research teams to strategize and potentially solve a range of life science data related problems during June 22-26. Participants learned and used data science tools such as R, and worked through challenges to bridge across disciplines during the week-long workshop. Teams are now continuing to collaborate following the workshop. Thank you to Center faculty Mark D. Ward, and Claudio Aguilar for serving as faculty mentors and instructors throughout the week. A photo album and additional materials and tools can be accessed at the workshop website: https://www.soihub.org/events/soi-biodata-2015.php

  5. A Call for Papers for a special issue of "Proceedings of IEEE" that the Center is overseeing. Special Issue Editors: Thomas Courtade (UC Berkeley), Ananth Grama (Purdue), Michael Mahoney (UC Berkeley), and Tsachy Weissman (Stanford University). Authors are invited to submit manuscripts presenting recent advances in the core foundations of the Science of Information and its applications to diverse fields, including Economics, Life Sciences, Communication Systems, and Data Analytics. Topics of interest span theoretical foundations (modeling and analysis), algorithms, as well as application studies. Please see link for more detailed information and specific instructions on how to submit, etc. https://www.soihub.org/news-events.php?id=640 Please share this with any of your colleagues you think may be interested.

  6. Princeton University Science of Information Day – September 25, 2015, Princeton University. See https://www.soihub.org/events/princeton-2015.php for details.

  7. The Center’s annual NSF Site Visit will be held on December 8 and 9, 2015 at Purdue University. Please mark your calendars. https://www.soihub.org/event.php?id=319


  1. Nancy Lynch's group received a subcontract to a University of Arizona grant entitled "Emergence of Inactivity: Adaptive Task Allocation in Complex Distributed Systems, or Why Are There so Many Lazy Ants?". The Lead PI is Prof. Anna Dornhaus of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at Arizona. Postdoc Hsin-Hao Su will join the group to work on this project, among other things.

  2. Nancy Lynch's group received a new, theoretical computer science NSF grant entitled "Distributed Algorithms for Resource-Constrained and Dynamic Settings".

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